Dusty & Dott


Dusty & Dott is an educational children's television show starring a charismatic young woman and her beloved (puppet) dog!

For the segment titles, the clients wanted to harken back to mid-century aesthetics with a playful and kitschy animations.

We selected a pastel color pallet to be repeated through all the transitions, a handful of fun mid-century fonts, and a relatively 2D stop motion effect to create a kid-friendly, DIY feeling.

Each title animation was created keeping the activities of the segment at the front of mind.  


Squat With Dott (a fitness fun segment) nods to vintage workout videos with it's spinning and exploding animation.

It's Rhyme Time! (a word game segment) is inspired by classic game shows with it's twinkling backdrop and dancing stars.

Where Is It? (a memory search game) utilizes colored cubes, used within the segment, that dance and swap places like a sleight of hand magician.

Dot to Dot with Alphabott (a spelling game with a robot puppet costar) ties Alphabott's image with spelling tools (a chalkboard font and refrigerator magnet letters.)